Our Web Design Process

We follow a straight forward, time-proven, six step process for each website design and web development project:


All successful web design projects start with a detailed plan that defines the project goals and deliverables, and the process we will take to achieve them.

"Failing to plan is planning to fail."

A successful plan prioritizes needs, outlines process flow, defines technologies to be used, identifies maintenance needs, identifies client training needs, and addresses a wide variety of other issues.

User Interface Design

Once the website design plan is finalized, we create the user interface (the "look and feel") of the website so content can be delivered to the intended audience in the most effective way. Typically, we will present multiple concepts to a client with the end product being a combination of the ideas determined to be most effective and successful.

Content Creation

Nobody knows your products and services better than you. During the Content Creation phase of the web design project, we rely on you as the best source of information for your customers.

Web Development

With the plan defined, the user interface designed, and the content written, our developers will begin the process of writing the code to support your website. This includes setting up the server and creating databases to support the website. If time is of the essence, we will began programming while you are writing the content.

During development, we make the website privately available to you so that progress can be measured and refinements made during the process.


Although the website is tested during development when key milestones are reached, final testing occurs before launch.

Website Launch

The website launch comes with no surprises. Since our clients have been involved in all facets of the design process, the end result consistently meets the goals and deliverables outlined in the initial plan.

If the website plan involves multiple phases, advancement to the next phase of the web design project begins.

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