Web Design Services

Our services can be broken down into the following five core areas: Web Design, Web Development, Programming, Database Development, and Website Maintenance.

Website Design

We help clients achieve the right "look" for their website. That is, we have the necessary creative skills to make the content visually appealing, balanced and aesthetically pleasing. Our website designers are experts in graphic design, illustration, HTML, CSS and typography. Combining these skills makes the user experience enjoyable and memorable.

We have the knowledge and ability to create responsive websites that are mobile device friendly so that your message can reach the largest possible target audience.

Web Development

Our web developers have years of experience in web programming and in the creation of custom, database-driven web applications. Our focus is on creating logical, easy to read code that is easy to maintain, and able to scale (or grow) with your business needs.

Wild-Webs performs all web programming and web development tasks in-house. We do not use off-shore services unless specifically requested by our clients.


We can meet your programming needs for any website design or web application project. All of our code is rigorously tested on development servers before implementation.

Website Database Development

We work with a variety of backend database systems, including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and SAP. Whether you need your existing data integrated with a web application, or a new database application developed, we have the experience to meet your needs.

Website Maintenance

We offer website maintenance to our customers so they can focus on their core business needs. Our maintenance services result in more rapid results than when typically performed by clients themselves.

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